Saturday, December 05, 2009


Random bits and pieces and comments from the week's goings-on.

Ryuichi Sakamoto concert at Queen's Hall
I surely didn't like the fact that Sakamoto's piano playing is essentially a mime, so much being streamed off computers hidden in the wings, but I hated the moralistic Helvetica'd climate change lecture on the fuzzy back projection; I walked out after 5 songs

Amanda Knox is innocent
you can't trust justice and its corrupt players in any of the world's courtrooms, let alone the highly suspect Italian judiciary, and I for one certainly don't trust this guilty verdict in the case of the death of Meredith Kercher; OK, all I have to go on is all the newspaper reports, but I can't see any reliable proof whatsoever that isn't just the usual bullshit demonisation, or coercion, of the young accused

DJ Benetti buttons
thanks to Marta, I have a small handful of the cute Cocadisco badges specially made for Saturday's fab extravaganza at Brixton; if you'd like one, just send me something for the postage

Cut Hands update
so listed below are the tracks completed for the project, several are being featured in the forthcoming Vice documentary on Liberia, and there'll be a few more too before long

Cut Hands - Who No Know Go Knows 4:08 (written and performed by W.Bennett, 2009)
Cut Hands - Who No Know Go Knows (percussion) 4:07 (written and performed by W.Bennett, 2009)
Cut Hands - Rain Washes Over Chaff 4:11 (written and performed by W.Bennett, 2009)
Cut Hands - Rain Washes Over Chaff (ambience) 2:38 (written and performed by W.Bennett, 2009)
Cut Hands - Rain Washes Over Chaff (percussion) 4:07 (written and performed by W.Bennett, 2009)
Cut Hands - Munkisi Munkondi 5:09 (written and performed by W.Bennett, 2003)
Cut Hands - Nzambi Ia Lufua 2:44 (written and performed by W.Bennett, 2006)
Cut Hands - Bia Mintatu 6:57 (written and performed by W.Bennett, 2007)
Cut Hands - ++++ (Four Crosses) 2:57 (written and performed by W.Bennett, 2009)
Cut Hands - Impassion 2:59 (written and performed by W.Bennett, 2009)
Cut Hands - Backlash 1:53 (written and performed by W.Bennett, 2009)
Cut Hands - Backlash (percussion) 1:52 (written and performed by W.Bennett, 2009)


SenzuriChampion said...

yeah anyone who makes music using computers should be killed

joseph said...

a read of douglas preston's 'monster of florence' provides some unsettling background on prosecutor giuliano mignini and the italian legal system in general, and leaves one even more inclined to doubt the culpability of amanda knox.

Grandpa Scorpion said...

Yes. In short, conviction's a foregone conclusion when there's a connectionless defendant (especially a young foreigner).

William Bennett said...

thanks for the comments: I'll have to get that book - interesting to read of the background connections; there also seem to be small town anti-American undertones present in this case too, which the more you look at, the more blatant and shocking the miscarriage of 'justice' becomes

William Bennett said...

half-way through the book, it's superb - here are Preston's own thoughts on this new case before the verdict was announced:

charlie m. said...

Hey William,

I'd be interested in one of those buttons if you have any left. I live in the US let me know how much you want and where to send it.

William Bennett said...

luckily Marta just sent a few more, just paypal a couple of dollars to and your address, Charlie

Andy Capper said...

Go here to see the trailer.


Tom said...

Well the button has arrived safe and sound, thank you btw. I did notice the black marker used on the envelope was starting to get a bit dry...

Miss Kerry said...

I was in a band for a time, merely as someone standing there ' minding the stoves' just because there was no way in hell 16 sep tracks could be played by hand by two people. It was actually a cd. No one paid for the performances, except as a bundle in club price with other bands.
Im sure RS also charged a fucking first born ticket wise, let alone dreary moralization of what is obviously a large scale corp sin not john six pack's lawnmower making me contemate violent murder at 8 am sunday morning.