Wednesday, January 13, 2010


The Road (*)
poorly edited post-apocalyptic drear of the most mindless gratuitous implausible variety

The Lovely Bones (*)
oh-so-desperately wanting to be an overstyled Silence Of The Lambs-style horror, yet at the same time holding out for the chance of an Oscar nomination via some exceptionally dishonest characterisations and plot devices

Whip It (*)
this and the similarly deadpan smartass Juno has already officially rendered Ellen Page as irritating beyond belief - trash-by-numbers

Import/Export (*****)
this highly absorbing pseudo-documentary from Ulrich Seidl (he of the amazing Animal Love and the less-than-amazing Dog Days) is an asymmetric take on the brutally mundane horrors of two separate lives - the exteriors in the Ukraine and Slovakia are breathtaking, as are the cruel anodyne interiors in Vienna; the extraordinary final act in the old people's home echoes some of Frederick Wiseman's finest work

The Stepfather (****)
classic 80s horror a zillion times better than the recent dreadful (and pointless) remake - nice Patrick Moraz soundtrack to boot

Midnight Movie (*)
laughably bad Z-movie horror - it'd seem the entire $500 budget was blown on the cheesy heavy metal opening credits

The Time Traveler's Wife (*)
creepy (for all the wrong reasons)

Up In The Air
awful - predictable - George Clooney

The Tenant (****)
memorably excellent (and faithful) adaptation of Topor's unsettling novel, directed by Roman Polanski, starring Polanski

Susana (The Devil And The Flesh) (****)
if you love a good b&w oldie, don't deny yourself this Buñuel treat - the fast-paced dialogue matches the wonderful theatre of witnessing the wayward Susana tearing a seemingly perfect family apart


Kai said...

I actually thought "The Time Traveler's Wife", while certainly flawed, was at least a fair bit better than "Benjamin Button".

"The Tenant", of course, is brilliant. I had been a huge fan of that film for quite some time already when one day I was amazed to learn that the very same Roland Topor who had written the novel was responsible for creating French TV series "Téléchat", which as a kid I used to absolutely love due to its unique, quirky humour.

flora_mundi said...

saw "the lovely bones" last night and was likewise underwhelmed. seemed like jackson was trying to recapture the magic of "heavenly creatures" and missing the mark...

Miss Kerry said...

The Road.Bookwise, everything thats oh so wrong with Amerika. 4th grade comp level, shit ass plot( or rather lack), bad character plotting ( sentiment piled on middle class fears for ones spawn, possibly pandering to the obese secto's fear of losing primary emotional armouring), boring, bad and a lost 15 mins of my life from reading it.
Needless to say, its filed with other winners well- meaning and clueless people lacking very much IQ have given me to read ( the alchemist, alexander what the fuck call or something anything, the mayan prophecies, the secret, antony robbins, etc infinitia barf