Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Remember this story?

According to the Israel Institute of Technology, 24 hours is needed to manufacture a liquid bomb even in lab conditions, so I'm not quite sure how that can be achieved in the bogs on a transatlantic flight. Now British 'justice' has got the temerity to blame the US (yes, the US!) for scuppering this trial of a bunch of deluded wacky muslims. There were originally 20 people arrested related to this case and a jury has found only 3 of them guilty of these much less serious charges, despite there being the 'strongest evidence yet at a terror trial'. Meanwhile air passengers continue to suffer the most ludicrous restrictions on bringing innocuous liquids on board - even when the whole thing was clearly a panicky charade right from the beginning. Anything to avoid an admission of failure.


Sarah Trotsky said...

Clearly it's time for Iron Man!


Walter Peck said...

Well you'll be glad to know that a fortune is being spent, upgrading airport security scanners to detect these 'liquid bombs' which will do away with the bafflingly arbitrary restrictions on hand luggage.

At least someone is making some money out of all this stupidity...

The Shivering Manatee said...

I recently had to have my toothpaste tube X-rayed seperately, and then placed in a plastic bag, which was then placed back in my rucksack. As if a plastic ziplock bag would be any good against an explosive liquid concoction. If I had a mind that hadn't been embedded with commands, it would boggle.

Miss Kerry said...

Ive now read the bastards of Amerika are outlawing ecigs.
Which means, my head will implode somewhere over the indian ocean, next time i go to the UK.
it makes no sense. they are as easy to spot, as say a blackberry, can be scanned, do not contain fire, have about as much battery worry as a old walkman did, and obviously they would limit amount of nicotine allowed ( as so no one could pull a agatha christie on the entire plane somehow) so why torture nicotine addicts ( or in my case PTSD suffers who enjoy their nicotine addictine rather than PTSD )?