Friday, September 12, 2008


The essence of this will already have been said by thousands no doubt, but that new Facebook redesign is not only as ugly as Sarah Palin's soul but betrays an even worse intent. Fuck me, it's almost begging you to go back to MySpace. Notice how everything is now justified to the left to create a vast ocean of white space to be filled up with advertising on the right-hand side - one that I hope the trusty and utterly essential Firefox add-on AdBlock+ will continue to be able to overcome. Speaking of which, when you have to use a public computer and are confronted with flashing banners, gaudy boxes, scrolling bars, and pop-ups all over the place, it makes you appreciate what a godsend AB+ truly is.

Therefore, I'd like to call out to the nice people at Google to come up with a shiny new beautiful social networking site for us and run this arrogant Zuckerberg's lot out of town. You did it before with Hotmail, you provide these pleasing blogs without ads, and this might be the just moment.


milk said...

If Adblock doesn't get the new Facebook layout ads, try Greasemonkey + this script, which has been working fantastically for moi.

n-rich said...

I agree, the new Facebook design is ghastly. The reason it won me over from myspace was the cleanliness of the design - now it's just as full of cruft.

FYI, Google owns orkut, which is the most popular social site in Brazil and India (according to the Wikipedia article). Naturally it has a Whitehouse group!

Spookily, orkut already knew my name and age when I went to look at it, although I guess this is because I'm using Google's new 'Chrome' browser.

Ea-M. said...

Strangely enough i seem to be the only person alive who doesn't have a problem with the new facebook design. I guess there's so much existential pain in my world allready that there just isn't room for despairing over a website. (of the angst - must i prove it with pictures of me with black hair and loads of make-up?)
As for the ads i'm immune. I simply don't see them. A few weeks ago i was asked by a technician to do an online web-speed test on a site and i just couldn't find it, because the test it self was looking like an add and was pr. default blocked out of my conscience...
The human perseption is quite extraordinary.

Miss Kerry said...

Facebook purity add on or Social Fixer