Saturday, June 21, 2008


#3: quality

Here's a question for you: how do you define quality? In particular, quality of thought and expression. When you stop and wonder about it, it seems simple enough because we all clearly know what it is, and what it isn't, when it is and when it isn't, whether it is and whether it isn't, and yet - and yet - it somehow seems to defy serious explanation. In fact, the more you attempt to define it, the harder you try to make sense of it, the more infuriating and tantalising and elusive it becomes.

As I see it, quality in fact belongs within the fourth level in my model of consciousness, the ocean of possibility, the vast infinity within us where there are no rules and any thing can happen and any thing is possible. And where the third level is the illusion of identity, it's the ocean of possibility where a person's identity is in fact hiding. It's a place which cannot be seen or accessed by our conscious thinking mind (what are you not thinking about right now?). And furthermore, it is an infinity that does have boundaries and limits, just as the irrational number pi is larger than 3 and smaller than 4.

Artistically speaking, one strives to bypass the first three levels and communicate directly with the fourth - it touches that part of us that most wants to be touched in a way that we wish to be touched. It's perfectness and it's the image of nothingness. And it's where our understanding of quality resides.

A definition of quality is that quality is a notion of expression that is only known and recognised by an unconscious non-thinking process, and therefore since definition is a conscious thinking process, quality cannot ever be defined.


Anonymous said...

Basically the definition of Quality really monged my head between 1991 - 1992 after being given Zen & The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance to read (the author too [his own dates]). It was the first time I spotted the world was demonstrably weirder that imagined, just by thinking about ordinary everyday ideas. The author concludes that Q is the building block of everything in the universe! He too concludes it's a pre - intellectual construct. You spot it before weighing it up. It really knocked me for six for such a long time but I eventually concluded it was probably evidence of a higher element to my mind rather than existing in the external universe. Then I got a gf and it didn't seem to matter quite so much. Occassionally I'll catch myself making very sophisticated judgements very quickly before "I'm" even aware of it. But for a long time it was a pretty frightening topic! The Q word would really send me into a state. Quality Time!

William Bennett said...

thanks for that great comment, falsedog

Miss Kerry said...

"ocean of possibility, the vast infinity within us where there are no rules and any thing can happen and any thing is possible. "

This is the space, the infinite where "god stuff"( call it what you will ) is drawn to get entirely new concepts, ideas, etc.

This is what I was rambling on in your writing on how you are not a atheist. This concept.

Miss Kerry said...

As reflected in what sort of philosophical journey one must make, to get to this point of quality - making one leave the rational world.
Crowley mentioned happened to him. That he had prided himself on the quality of his mind, like one does for a fine racehorse. Only to find it was not a racehorse, not even a real horse. A saw horse. This is what he referred to as a period when he went mad, in some ways- according to him, conceptually I think ( far as I can grasp.)

Later in life, I was taught something quite profound, by someone close to me in ways I had not foreseen.

Knowing quality, as taught to me by this person took me so far out of conventional reality, symbol wise (like love can) that friends feared for my sanity.

Whats interesting here is, we had done specific things to manifest this , as a creative muse. These processes which had been used by others, had been documented. A science experiment. Repeatable.

One never expects these things to work , as science demands a non-biased viewpoint. You just do it, and forget about it. Like pregnancy. Until its something that cant be ignored.
So I agree William, It does have boundaries and limits or it could not be called forth to manifest. It was in fact deliberate to know no rules, anything could happen,anything possible.This is what I was told at a point where it would affect me, beyond reason. a open state, so to speak.
What I found was written in a state of high inspiration, as a book.
What my book is about, quality manifested by my muse in a form- made by this process which conforms to what William tells us ( Im only just finding this out myself, now-and its a shock of sorts)- striving past the first 3 levels, reaching the 4th. A perfectness, and a nothingness. A alpha and a omega. Duality, in some sense abolished briefly as perceived.
Paradox is a sign of Truth.
This is not well explained, but some of it can't be, and some of it is personal, and some shouldn't be.
But I did want to share, that yes.Yes! I understand! And this is exactly what.