Monday, June 16, 2008


Sometimes you don't know whether to smile or be very afraid. This morning I needed a good moment to regain my composure after choking on a mouthful of muesli upon seeing this new ladies' undergarment.

Apparently, 'if it's worn for 8 hours a day for 8 to 12 weeks, women might experience more permanent results ... of body redefining and lifting' (my italics). At best, a rather flawed claim. Reading on, the 'Road Test' makes one wonder why, being so concerned about looking her best, she's humiliating herself in that awful picture.

There's perhaps more to it than first appears (pun intended, now utterly regretted) for it raises that issue of what motivates people (in this case women) to wish to alter their appearance. And ironically, the one person you'd think would matter most to Gina, her husband Ron, seems to be by far the biggest net loser.

The familiar rationalisation is 'I'm doing it for me', yet one assumes she doesn't put make-up on to watch telly, nor to go to bed, and hopefully also removes her LipoContours. As I see it, it's once again the illusion of identity - that fragile construct that needs to be constantly fed through validation from the world around us, from mirrors, reflections and prisms - in this case, and most crucially, other women.


Rob said...

Perhaps the old house frows have never heard of exercise? you know that old chestnut that actually requires one to get up and do something?. I remember i was grossly overweight at one point in my life and being sick of being sick i walked away from the computer and into the gym and i was able to drop my waist in a years time. It's amazing how we forget simple activities can make the biggest difference.

leroysghos said...

the film 'salò' is getting a reissue on dvd in the next few months and i was wondering whether you had seen it/would recommend it?

also if you ever get the chance (which you might not as i hear that it's only getting distribution in france) but if you can catch the film 'frownland' i would recommend it. it's about the trials and tribulations of a man who is incapable of communicating verbally with anyone (he just spits out a mess of nervous words and pleasantries). its the kind of film sure to provoke strong reactions on both side of the fence (and in that respect seems right up your ally)

David Cotner said...

Great white pants
Ultimate weight loss machine
Beyond pounds and inches

Ea-M. said...


graeme said...

I'm Firming Up your Ass

Miss Kerry said...

Hahahah! Well said.

On that note one of the best mind melds, I've ever had for my own personality constructs- was a quote from "black books."

Fran: I've got a date. Ben, divorcee, very good-looking... nice arse. Which is a first for me.
Bernard: Never had a nice one?
Fran: No, never. And I know they exist because I've seen them on the telly. You had one?
Bernard: Well, there was this one woman, Janine. I don't know if it was "nice", but it was... huge! So there was this enormous sense of value.

Miss Kerry said...

oh yes, I've bought these enormous breasts, the size of babies heads- for me really.
i enjoy buying them lingerie.
it wasn't for anyone else. just because i felt better in myself.


Im sticking with pretending to be famous ballerinas when I'm alone.( and if I've got some swanky garments, to sweep about me majestically, while I talk pidgin russian, in public too.)
at least my reality construct doesn't require buying anything and I've got lots of practice, seeing as I've done this since age 3 ( when apparently, kerry moved out and someone, I'm told named "deetsey" moved in. )
What does it count if its conscious done, as sort of shamanism?