Friday, June 13, 2008


Not a good month at all and I'm afraid that this time, unless you like a good romcom, my only recommendation is to avoid the following...

Surfwise (**)
I hate everything to do with surf culture otherwise this is quite an appealing documentary

In Bruges (**)
the stunningly beautiful city of Bruges deserves better than this highly contrived sub-Tarantino trash revolving around three chumps with guns; Brendan Gleeson is excellent throughout, Fiennes trousers another cheque for his journeyman effort and, as with Woody Allen's disastrous Cassandra's Dream, Farrell tries hard but is no De Niro

Chaos Theory (*)
this reworking of The Dice Man plot device starts off reasonably enough - halfway through, however, it gets so unbelievably soppy you'll find yourself reaching for a bucket

Definitely, Maybe (****)
good romcom

Be Kind Rewind (*)
if you cast Danny Glover and the morons' moron Jack Black in your 'indie' movie, you get what you deserve: half a star - absolute rubbish

Vantage Point (*)
the plotline of this rotten assassination thriller is about as implausible as the official explanation for 9/11 - also works as an extended commercial for Sony HDV camcorders

Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull (*)
this plumbs new depths in lobotomised blockbuster awfulness, couldn't even get through to the end of this utterly juvenile dross - don't know what the hell I was thinking


_Black_Acrylic said...

"about as implausible as the official explanation for 9/11" quote I'd love to see on the posters

Thomas Transparent said...

One and two star reviews all around; it must be the "summer movie" season again! Although somehow I doubt that if the kids were kept in school all year 'round, thus cutting into the lucrative 'summer movie' market, theaters would suddenly start screening more interesting fare.

I reserve a special place for "moron's moron" Jack Black on my list of completely unnecessary cultural phenomena. During the filming of the John Cusack vehicle High Fidelity, which featured virtually everyone I knew in Chicago as an extra, I was regaled with stories of how he'd scribble penis drawings onto randomly chosen walls during bored periods of downtime on the set...even if it's not true, the image of him doing this while merrily chortling away seems so 'in character',exactly like something he would do...