Sunday, September 09, 2007


Since the original post regarding my interpretation of the guitar solo as a demonstration skill (used in all sorts of contexts ranging from when a person's real potential might otherwise be invisible, or where a person might need some instant charisma), I have received a couple of emails wishing for further examples, so here provided are a few more.

- preachers slaying in the spirit
- fancy flourishes and card shuffles by magicians
- singers' fancy shines and dance steps during a song
- comedians singing songs
- footballers' acrobatic goal celebrations
- mediums' use of knocks and taps from beyond the grave
- poker players doing chip tricks
- wheelies by bike riders


cemenTIMental said...

Harsh noise albums on pressed CD rather than CDR.

_Black_Acrylic said...

How about film directors using a long take? By executing a complex shot that lasts several minutes, with lots of action, the audience really notices the skill required to pull something like that off.

The most impressive example I've seen recently is in Children Of Men, in an action sequence towards the end of the film...

William Bennett said...

absolutely - another good example of the long complex take is the first few minutes of Altman's The Player