Thursday, December 07, 2006


For so long I had such a yearning to visit what was the USSR, then, as soon as the Communist regime capitulated and the union began to split up, sadly, that desire also waned. It's weird, because nowadays it's pretty hard to remember that era having existed, and it's only occasionally you're reminded of the curious romanticism of those times. This was certainly true whilst compiling for the Extreme Music From Russia project - there still exist elements of artistic and cultural isolation that have the real power to intrigue, and another example is with these almost unearthly buildings.


michaelc said...

these photos are fucking hilarious, william? i've been enjoying yr blog for a few months now, thanks so much for continuing w/it...these pictures moved me to actually write today. how'd you come across this web page?

michaelc said...

ignore that question mark after the first sentence, must need food for concentration.

Kristian said...

William I have actually been inside the building in Minsk shown on the photos