Wednesday, December 20, 2006


We once played at Thekla, a boat venue in Bristol, and I recall an amusing story Philip told me about some old (and unspectacular) graffiti by Banksy discovered on the hull. Of course, Banksy has now gone on to far bigger and better things and so, during a recent refurbishment, the painters had to carefully work around his old tag which was along the lines of 'TUPAC ROOLZ OK'. Here's some street art, some of which is admittedly quite funny.


Anonymous said...

oghhh is real!
willi bennett have blogspot

its gracious

zorry, my inglish its sucks.

I love your homosexual music
is my inspiration all day
kisses from chile

Anonymous said...

this street art is awesome! :)

Kristian said...

The funniest graffti I ever saw-

"Speed is cheaper than food"

on a tesco wall.