Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Being named after a 40-year-old Velvets' song is the giveaway.

If there's one thing I really have a problem with in music, it's this cringeworthy veneration of the distant past. It's like one of those 'legends' football matches where some fading star like Beckham gets to have his teenage idol Pelé in his team.

And I'm sorry to say this but ATP is the modern-day equivalent of the fucking revival cabaret tour. There's no irony lost on these guys, they even take place in Butlins holiday camps. It's bad enough when all those godawful 80s bands like Flock Of Seagulls and T'Pau come back to haunt us but this ATP stuff is arguably worse: it's predominantly the 60s and 70s. It's at the level of Elvis impersonators. It's fucking nostalgia unlimited.

I can hear some hecklers saying, well, you cunts did ATP in London, you're just bitter 'cos you got bottled off the stage. And there is some truth in that because, for fuck's sake, Whitehouse is 26 years old, and at the time I do admit that concert was a totally frustrating and depressing experience, albeit compounded by the breathtaking incompetence of that legendary numpty, the ATP stage manager. However, on kinder reflection, I look back on our premature exit as a vindication of sorts. A reassuringly healthy disrespect for 'tradition'.

And bear with me a bit longer while I'm still ranting on this topic (it's one of those days, I'm afraid); it's really disappointing, for all the above-mentioned reasons, to hear about Thurston Moore showing old Come Organisation videos at last weekend's bash without even asking for permission (which, by the way, wouldn't have been given). So there.


seesselberg said...

I've seen it for years from Thurston Moore. Initially , he was a U.S. hardcore / no-wave freak. Then Krautrock. Then jazz. Then free improvisation. Then......Whitehouse ! He had to get there in the end. It's just a shame that his tireless championing of experimental music is as false as his pop star alter-ego , and certainly doesn't manifest itself in his ' music ' .

SYpHA_69 said...

H'mm, I have to agree with the above comment, as I recall before "Murray Street" came out Moore described it as a cross between classic 70's rock and Whitehouse, but I can't detect a single thing on that able that strikes me as sounding like Whitehouse. Which makes me wonder if he's saying something like that only for the notoriety associated with Whitehouse.

charlie m. said...

Hey I still like the Velvets quite a bit...

but honestly, I have never been to ATP and the bulk of it may be crap. But good bands have been involved in it. Coil did one and the recording of that show is fabulous. Also Nurse With Wound played this year and I heard it went really well..

Thurston Moore is someone I don't get I see pictures of him in magazines wearing say a Merzbow shirt yet I hear his music and theres nothing experimental or daring in it (at least what I've heard)..

Richard said...

Recycling the same product over and over again is easy, requires little effort and generates cash.

Bands that I had respected seem to be doing it every other week. Ltd editions, create your own remix ltd edition, bottles of absinthe designed by the fucking band?.

ATP exploits the obsessive compulsive or the worst side of music fans. The individual who like a trainspotter ticks off each band on their wants list. Like the SWANS fan who always shouts ‘play something old’ whenever Michael Gira performs, it is truly horrible.

Kristian said...

I have done the ATP jaunt twice..........both times I enjoyed but that was down to fellow chalet dwellers portable pharmacy!
Sunn)))0 were great at ATP as were COIL............I have fond recollections of seeing ZOVIET FRANCE on a Friday lunch time and an eventing of Hafler Trio madness in the privacy of the chalet.

h3o said...

"an evening"? maybe about 10 minutes of people on various substances mistaking I and John Lacey (of COUM Transmissions many years ago) for Coil. John gave the intruders some bananas, and they went away. the organisers of ATP when I was there tried as nobody else I have seen, to to do things "correctly" - and to a large extent, they succeeded against considerable odds. the question of "why" is not addressed here, however.

Kristian said...

hmmmmmmm I seem to recall laying in a sleeping bag watching on the piped tv shows a Hafler Trio monologue in a room draped in white sheets.............surely this was you Andrew?