Monday, January 30, 2023


Quite a variety of genres this time around, most from great and much appreciated recommendations!

M3GAN, 2022 (****)
whoever designed and wrote for the doll is an absolute genius, all her scenes taken in isolation are absolutely spectacular, sadly the rest of the film is dumbed-down PG-13 trash with Hallmark Channel-quality acting - had to give extra star for inspired inclusion of Skatt Bros' classic 'Walk The Night'

Hospitals: The White Mafia, 1973 (****)
Luigi Zampa's remarkably disturbing drama and chief surgeon character study set in a big city hospital resonates more than ever despite its fifty years of age

Speak No Evil, 2022 (*****)
one of the most unsettling films I've ever seen, a living nightmare of helplessness to be involuntarily felt throughout the entire film

Triangle Of Sadness, 2022 (****)
despite occasional heavy-handed messaging, if taken as pure black comedy, you find a highly enjoyable film with some extremely memorable interactions and plot twists

The Menu, 2022 (**)
black comedy starts out so promisingly yet quickly (and unexpectedly) degenerates into a thriller-by-numbers with absolutely zero character development, so jarring that it recalls Robert Altman's Hollywood satire The Player

On Your Wedding Day, 2018 (*****)
I do love a good romantic comedy and Korean ones are the best: this is a particularly good one, very real and raw and relatable

20th Century Girl, 2021 (****)
cute and fun Korean romantic comedy with quite the sting in its tail

Piggy, 2022 (*)
opening credits' list of sponsors and backers was already a massive red flag but this is little more than an incoherent revenge horror with a porn-quality cast, also a huge no to thirtysomethings playing teenagers


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_Black_Acrylic said...

M3GAN is produced by James Wan, the director of Saw. He gets a writing credit too, most probably for the good bits.