Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Fillmore Discos reviews are back with the recent 7-day series of overlooked rare vintage gems posted from my Twitter (hence their pitifully brief 140-character length). The scores, as always, are no more than a measure of how much I got off on watching them. If you've seen any of these, would love to hear your thoughts too.

Toys Are Not For Children, 1972 (*****)
I love sleazy Pinteresque psychosexual mindfuckery and just like 70s classic The Baby, Toys is amazing

Femina Ridens, 1969 (*****)
gloriously twisted misandrist Italian masterpiece featuring the exquisite Dagmar Lassander, modern cinema can't compare

Road To Salina, 1971 (*****)
eyes wide open mindblowing incest psychodrama, movingly intense performances from Rita Hayworth and Mimsy Farmer

So Sweet, So Dead, 1972 (****)
vintage giallo whose wanton sleaze is matched only by its sartorial elegance and a truly sumptuous soundtrack

Il Caso Mattei, 1972 (*****)
Rosi's fascinating Italian political biopic with an amazing proto-industrial techno soundtrack (yes, in 1972!)

Red Desert, 1964 (*****) 
Antonioni's extraordinary visionary traumatic film about alienation exacts a heavy emotional toll, you must see it

Frustration, 1971 (*****)
elegant erotic often disturbing study of female sexual frustration, daring to go where Polanski's Repulsion wouldn't

Monday, August 12, 2013


I have some of the new Cut Hands 12" Madwoman on Downwards here, 180g vinyl, beautiful printed inner sleeve
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track listing:
Madwoman - River Mumma - Eat Them Like Bread - Inchantment

Cut Hands Volume 3 and Volume 4 vinyl albums in preparation
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still available
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