Monday, October 31, 2022


Hallowe'en horror film special. It's been several years since the last movie review post, good new movies seem to be becoming rarer and rarer so catching up with various recommendations and suggestions I've gratefully received. Happy Hallowe'en!

X, 2022 (*)
porn acting without the porn, 70s/80s retro horror without the horror or even the soundtrack

The Sadness, 2021 (****)
highly enjoyable sexually depraved horror from Taiwan, loved its energy, youthful verve, and Sadean monologues in final act

American Mary, 2012 (***)
Katharine Isabelle's talents are rather wasted on what is a fantastic body horror premise because, sadly, movie suffers from a catastrophic lack of attention to fetishistic detail

Hatchet, 2006 (*)
risibly poor low budget retro horror attempt, hard to believe there were 3 sequels (does that qualify it as a franchise?)

Ginger Snaps, 2000 (****)
Isabelle as the older sister absolutely steals the show in this highly original female puberty-centred horror from Canada only marred by the younger sister's pointless and distracting syrup - looking forward to visiting the sequels