Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Don't you hate seeing sad listless animals shambling around in zoo enclosures? Especially the larger mammals. However, these amazing pictures (and check out the video too) are too extraordinary not to have a look at.

Friday, May 25, 2007


Over the last couple of days I have finally managed to enjoy getting round to seeing a few of the documentary films that Philip has recently recommended to me:

- When The Levees Broke: A Requiem In Four Acts
- Black Tar Heroin
- Gladiator Days: Anatomy Of A Prison Murder
- Cocaine Cowboys

Spike Lee's devastating 4+ hours portrayal of the flooding of New Orleans at the time of hurricane Katrina is not only the pick of this worthy yet harrowing collection, but is undoubtedly, in my mind, one of the most brilliant documentary films of all time. It doesn't try to simplify, preach, or evade complexities, or be used as an exercise in egotism (think Michael Moore) - and by so doing packs an infinitely more powerful heavyweight punch; moreover, it even allows for inspired moments of gallows humour: this alone is testament to its greater poignancy.

Thursday, May 24, 2007


#8: intent
I am always curious about your intent, or even my own. It's the intent of a work of art or an actor's performance I see as the underlying motive, the belief about what one's fundamental purpose is at that time, whether implicit or explicitly stated - all invested and filtered through the energy afforded. It can reveal whether the artist has anything at all to say, other than exercising the pursuit of attention or emulation. In fact, as a measure of worth, I find myself much more attracted to, and interested in, an artist's intent than in their technical abilities, even though it's the combination of these two working together well that is as rare and as beautiful as the most obscure orchid in the rainforest.


Where would you go if you didn't know where it was? And what wouldn't you do if I didn't take you there?

Every system of prescriptive behaviour (like morals, ethics and forms of protocol) can be said to be imposing form upon a dynamic reality; and the gap between the two are what creates the tension that can excite an artist. The metaphor I like to use is that of the hand leading one into the woods; being led astray isn't necessarily being led to an unwelcome place, it's more likely to be something you'd dream - to me, it's that which is familiar that is the most unwelcoming - so if I'm going to be leading you anywhere, rest assured it won't be to a place you've been to before.

Sunday, May 13, 2007


Further personal definitions. Tell me when you're getting bored.

#6: the you
This is an expression that I started using in lyrics around 2001 that I've been asked about a number of times.

Through compounding 2nd and 3rd persons, it's my way of referring to what an individual represents rather than who they are, that is, in terms of personal identity - a representation that offers a much wider sense of a human's characteristics, one that transcends his or her own belief systems and worldview.

And furthermore, it exposes our frailties and vulnerabilities, in my opinion, under a much more sensitive focus; and at the same time, by employing 3rd person verb forms, it becomes somewhat less direct and more universal in scope.

#7: dare
I love the word dare. Such a deliciously small word that encapsulates so much potential for excitement, for promise, for fulfilment. It's the immediate allure of the challenge, of the unknown: for pleasures not yet experienced, maybe not yet even imagined, let alone yearned for - all laced of course with a sharp element of risk, or even wrongness.

I dare you to do it.

Friday, May 11, 2007


Stefan Danielsson, a simply amazing artist, of whom I think I can say we both share the same kind of dark esoteric fascination with Africa, and who has done the cover art for Racket, now has a blog - which of course should hastily be added to your favourite links.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


There were many times I can recall when, in order to replenish the bare coffers, I'd sell off a few unwanted used records or CDs to the Dick Turpins behind the counter at London's Record & Tape Exchange. They may have offered a derisory amount in exchange for your precious vinyl but at least you didn't have to have your fucking fingerprints taken.

Thursday, May 03, 2007


Tracklisting and times for Racket:
  1. Fairground Muscle Twitcher 2:29
  2. Mouthy Battery Beast 5:57
  3. Dumping More Fucking Rubbish 3:23
  4. The Avalanche 4:16
  5. Bahnhof 1:53
  6. Dyad 4:51
  7. Bia Mintatu 6:48