Friday, February 10, 2012


Leaving for Los Angeles on Monday, excited to be back playing live in the States. Look out for amazing nights with special surprises along the way. And for some shows some extralinguistic sequencing too. Get your vaudou on, cut hands has the solution, see you there.

14th February : Handbag Factory (Los Angeles, USA) + Baseck
15th February : ND (Austin, USA) + Eloe Omoe
18th February : Empty Bottle (Chicago, USA) + Bongripper
19th February : Now That's Class (Cleveland, USA) + Prostitutes
20th February : The Dionysus Disco (Oberlin, USA) + Aaron Dilloway
21st February : The Shop (PIttsburgh, USA) + TM Eye + Trogpite
23rd February : Pyramid Atlantic (Washington DC, USA) + Blue Sausage Infant + Janel
24th February : Public Assembly (New York, USA)
25th February : What We Talk About When We Talk About Us (Allston, USA) + Veiled + Shawn Greenlee + Karlheinz

21st March : Instants Chavir├ęs (Paris, France)
24th March : Exotic Pylon Festival, Vortex Jazz Club (London, UK) + Andy Stott + Dalglish + Ship Canal
30th March : Avatarium Festival (Saint Etienne, France) + Leatherface
25th May : WGT Festival (Leipzig, Germany)
21st July : tbc (Edinburgh, UK)
tbc September : tbc (Seattle, USA)

+ lots more shows to be announced soon


grated cheese said...

so what happened to the st louis show at apop records with eugenics council?

William Bennett said...

we didn't think the set-up was right for the show, shame it didn't work out

morgan said...

really appreciate you considering Portland and the west coast; too bad it didn't work out. I sincerely hope we'll get to see you some day not too far off

William Bennett said...

morgan, hoping to return in September for NW

Noir said...

Had a great time in Boston! It was nice to chat with Jane, David and Thomas as well. I haven't seen them in quite a while.

The Correct Sadist said...

Any chance you'll be stopping by L.A. again when your on the west coast later this year?

William Bennett said...

TCS, would dearly love to, LA was a personal highlight in February