Saturday, August 29, 2009


Disco - Albert Goldman
Men And Pandas - Ramona & Desmond Morris
The Commissar Vanishes - David King (on privileged loan...)
Catwatching - Desmond Morris

Afrikan Machinery - Lukas Ligeti (CD)
Junko & Mattin - Junko & Mattin (vinyl)
Reuters - G-Park (vinyl)
Skywalker - Claudio Simonetti (vinyl)

Moscow Does Not Believe In Tears
I Sell The Dead
Face To Face
The Irony Of Fate



Grk! said...

G*Park's 'Yack Park' & 'Geopod' provided me valuable lessons in close-up listening.

Grandpa Scorpion said...

Hi William, what do you think of the Ligeti CD?

Thomas Bey William Bailey said...

I did just find and purchase the "Afrikan Machinery" CD (which I'm not ashamed to say I first learned about through this posting...)

That really is an above-average work, owing to the composer's refusing to meet public expectations of what music along those themes must sound like. The synthesis of kalimba (I'm guessing?) and more sampler-based / musique concrete moments is still pretty novel in this genre, yet the novelty doesn't overwhelm the music's ability to stimulate the speculative imagination.

Richo said...

Must get more Morris books. He always reminds me of Sir David Attenborough, but streaked healthily with some shades of cynicism. I've only read a few of his books on our species so far, though. Must delve into those dedicated to others.