Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Man Meets Dog - Konrad Lorenz
Doctors, Drums And Dances - Andras E. Laszlo
Conquest Of Pain - Peter Fairley
Men, Women And Chainsaws - Carol J. Clover

Acid In The Style Of David Tudor - Florian Hecker (CD)
Tight - Incapacitants (LP)
Lives & Privacy (94-89) - Mr. Maxted (LP)
Crowd Pleaser - Consumer Electronics (LP)

The Girlfriend Experience
August Underground's Penance
Nanking Nanking
The Cranes Are Flying


Jack Sargeant said...

Men Women & Chain Saws is one of the few academic books on 'horror' that actually engages with the pleasures of the genre. I seem to recall her discussion of Spit On Yr Grave vs Accused was pretty good.

Nick said...

Was just about to say the very same thing myself. Men, Women And Chainsaws makes for good reading.