Sunday, May 03, 2009


My Bloody Valentine 3-D (**)
apart from the occasionally pleasing novelty of the 3D effects, this is as generic a slasher as they come

S. Darko (*)
however awful this boring sequel to the ludicrously overrated Donnie Darko is, and it really is awful and boring, it does serve as a valid reminder of the comparative genius of David Lynch

City Rats (*)
dear oh dear oh dear, quite possibly the worst film I've seen in (at least) a decade - it's high time I learnt the lesson that contemporary UK films are ALL RUBBISH

Fanboys (*)
I'm intensely proud of never having seen a Star Wars film - unfortunately, I cannot say the same about Fanboys, a completely unmitigated mess of an attempt at 'comedy'

He's Just Not That Into You (**)
Sex And The City without the tiresome materialism - female cast is uniformly excellent, whilst the male actors let the side of their gender down badly


Mary said...

William, I'm chuffed to bits that someone else is nonplussed by the popularity of Donnie Darko. I always thought that was me being refelxively contrarian because I was 'supposed' to like it :D

sm88 said...

While he apparently disowned the apparently horrible Darko sequel I still think that Richard Kelly should be shot. Everything he's ever made is totally vapid and worthless.

Tony said...

Do you actually pay to see all these films?

SYpHA_69 said...

William, I know you swore off superhero films after "Iron Man," but I would be curious to hear your take on "Watchmen."

William Bennett said...

do I have to, SYpHA? ;-) I'll give it a shot if you think it's worth seeing however

thankfully not always, Tony :-)

Luke McElroy said...

I've never seen Donnie Darko and have been totally put off seeing it by the people who like it.

I also just noticed on the Criterion website that Polanski's Repulsion will be getting a release, which may be of interest.

sm88 said...

Glad to hear about Repulsion. I have a DVD copy of it now that is absolutely horrible but it's a great film. Definitely worthy of a Criterion release in my opinion.

mcarpio said...

william, you'll watch all this garbage, but you won't watch Alpha Dog?! don't you recall i'm the one who turned you onto Vengeance Is Mine, and you gave that 5 stars.
love to hear what you think of it, or most specifically, the character they call simply.....Mazursky.

William Bennett said...

saw Alpha Dog a year or two ago, excellent film