Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Last weekend's trip to London was most enjoyable, and on the Sunday we managed to fit in an absorbing day at South Kensington's museum district (more about that in a later post), one which culminated in some lively avian drama on the outdoor terrace of Paul's patisserie and coffee shop.

No sooner had a young woman customer laid down three fine pastries on an outdoor table and gone inside for a stirring device for her coffee than a highly aggressive conglomerate of pigeons swooped in to rampantly feast. The girl duly screamed and ran inside for help and there was much commotion amongst those of us at the other tables. I managed to snatch a picture of the predatory action, and can assert that, after having written several postings about similar attacks, nothing can quite prepare you for the terror of the real thing at close quarters.

If you're in South Kensington, it's worth visiting said establishment (just opposite the Tube station) as the birds there are pleasingly rapacious - and the cappuccini are pretty good too.

Meanwhile, here's a blackbird homing in on pedestrians in San Francisco (many thanks to Dave for the link).



Wrongly Wired said...

The North American Redwing Blackbird is extremely territorial. I am constantly dive bombed by the (beautiful) little bastards on my walk to work. A good example of their behavior can be found here

Aries said...

Put down pastries and leave them unattended...that's what happens.

James said...

It's nice to see someone finally pluralise cappuccino in the correct manner.

siridisc said...
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siridisc said...