Thursday, October 30, 2008


It would indeed be creepy if a beautiful elegant woman, upon removing her glove before introducing herself, and instead of offering the alabaster hand you anticipated, were to reveal an outsized gnarled bird's claw. We're easily discomforted by behaviours and revelations that don't fit within the limited and stunted bounds of our expectations, and we all ritualistically follow habits and routines that serve no particular purpose. And I often wonder of which are those the ones we're not aware. Of the ones that we can neither give up, and therefore would be better to give in, if that difference is clear enough, to.

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Miss Kerry said...

I wonder this, also.

I watch mine. One needs do much of them at work.
A good deal seem nonsensical. A role play that I often participate in, without seeing real meaning beyond mammalian politics.
Which isn't a bad idea, really. Some of those birdcalls we find so enchanting, sound nothing more than " get the fuck away!Mine! Mine!"

People become unduly stressed if you neglect these rituals.
Having not understood almost everything most people take for granted, as en-culturated thru "growing up" in western society- lacking the responses human mammals use- and need to use for their instinctual roles in tho society- no matter how much its tarted up, its pretty much basic - there are strange results.

Like cultural differences, body signals that the average person is used to- eye contact, distance of stance, speed of speech, emphasis of speech ( things you used from NLP no doubt with Whitehouse, to a very fine result!)- all these, when skewed to a norm per se, that obviously was NOT chosen but genetic, has the usual response of mammals in groups- get the fuck away. However nicely hidden.

This allowed me to watch peoples behaviour, often undisturbed ( when in situations, people familiar with me, knew I was harmless and also, stupid assumed I was ALSO stupid. Which I was not, just trapped inside without communication.

I used to say things to see if people would take notice, reasonably like your blog- and in worse times, inflict it ( not a good idea, when not used in art!).
Plato's cave. Yes, it seems so.

At this point in time, having progressed, and also with input from best friend ( also a outcast, living on the edges, somewhat institutionalised in their ways, due to needing to be so to keep peace with conflicting disturbance from one's chemistry )- Im finding that Im losing my need TO communicate.
Except rarely.
This neither disturbs me, or sedates me.

Both of us, are ( as is my own mother who sees these things herself, but has a total armoured need for absolute control, thus aggressively normal, due to her own issues)- often find ourselves not knowing quite what to say.
( Although my eloquence may seem otherwise, its now a learned habit. As a way of "bird calling" to others, that Im harmless.