Wednesday, October 08, 2008


'Sir' Bobby Gandalf reaps the lipsmacking hospitality of an endless party circuit in addition to the fruits of a £70m TV production company empire entirely thanks to the misery of famine victims, so when he once again dribbles and drools about the 'pornography of poverty', what exactly is it that turns him most on about it - the proceeds or the imagery?


SERIAL said...

I remember as a boorish youth writing a very short excerpt where the main character "fast forwarded Live Aid to get to the suffering bits", which was the underlying moral I got from that particular debacle.

Richo said...

I share your sentiments here. This is just one of the reasons 'Gandalf' should be hanging from that tree touched upon in response to an earlier post. Next to Bono and all these other hypocrital rock and pop celebs who dare the rest of us to take their lead along those paths of fucking righteousness. Cunts.