Friday, February 01, 2008


If this website is some kind of practical joke, then I'm very impressed - sadly, of course it isn't. My niece has got a cat named Lolita - better get it changed quick before the Raising Kids Brigade (RKB) find out. Dolores, Lola, Loli, or the diminutive form Lolita is a common girls' name in Spanish speaking countries - and the hispanophiles (watch it) amongst you will know its literal meaning as will fans of Nabokov its literary intent (the annotated version of the book comes highly recommended).

Exerting social pressures on others human beings do all the time (and I find such a disagreeable trait): it gives us a sense of importance; what I find interesting here is how these reflexes are affected by several powerful prisms.

PRISM #1 Morons
The RKB are clearly not linguists or particularly literary, or at best simply choose to overlook the absurd and illogical implications of their complaint made 'on grounds of bad taste' and no attempt is made to extend the argument beyond that. Heaven forbid we have bad taste (or friends or cats named Lolita). The Woolies' press officer's unblushing response: '... they'd never heard of the word and in fact, neither had I. I had to go on to Wikipedia to find out the meaning of the word.'

PRISM #2 Scratchers
This is a bed for children. Beds are for having sex. Lolita is the fictional girl in Nabokov's book. Perverts use this word a lot. A more tortuous example of complex equivalence you will be hard pressed to find. Who knows what the fuck it is we're buying at IKEA? Swedes must have so much fun at the expense of our ignorance.

PRISM #3 Celebrities
These beds are available all over the world - the RKB pick on Woolies because it guarantees exposure to their personal agendas. It reminds me when, of all the rock bands in the world who do Satanic backwards messages, it had to be Judas Priest that get pulled up in front of a judge.

PRISM #4 Taboos
Taboos are constantly shifting - and, where children were a century ago an expendable commodity, they now inhabit the domain of the most precious of all taboos. Or so you'd think. Yet it's interesting how even this now seems to be slowly shifting in new directions - read the comments at some of the tabloid UK websites (Daily Express for example) - you'll find a surprisingly relaxed attitude to the fuss the RKB are attempting to invoke. This shift and greater cynicism to the exploitation of the child taboo is noticeable in the Maddie McCann mystery, and in wider cultural and artistic senses too.

PRISM #5 Psycholinguists
Language is essentially an artificial construct, nothing means much beyond the ways in which we are triggered to understand it. This, of course, is a huge topic worthy of book treatment - however, the most interesting discovery for me is how the language we're wired to employ ourselves affects our own behaviour. So, in other words, in this example we see that the more the RKBers emotively talk about Lolita beds, the more we know about the kind of thoughts, images, and obsessions that they will be undoubtedly be experiencing in their own Hopens and Anebodas.


Andrew said...

This could end in a downward spiral of euphemisms.

Ea-M. said...

First off, something similar was actually carried out as a practical joke with IKEA as the target here in Denmark, due to their box named KNEP wich in swedish means a handy little trick and in danish is the imperative form of fucking. I think IKEA made a lot of extra sales on that account - i certainly wanted a fuck-box if only it had been a bit more aesthetically pleasing.

Many people are coded to believe that they are showing care, when in fact they are just excercising control. "I only do this because i care / for your own good / etc."
I'm sure the people behind RKB have a very amiable agenda but just haven't thought their strategy of achieving their goal (protecting children) through.
Misguided by the moral panick induced by governments pour tons of money into chasing kiddy porn on web while having no resources for counseling and helping the majority of children who's abuse is not being portrayed in the semi-public sphere, because it happens silently behind closed doors and most often at home.

I just don't think that the political control is misenterpret care. I do belive it's a sensationalist way of harvesting votes by catering to sensation and fear and petty revenge. Yuk!

Bear over with inconsistencies...

Miss Kerry said...

on the other hand, you can hotwire yourself to get off on your on chosen triggers,

fun stuff, esp if your into a combo of asceticism, celibacy and induced suffering ( as ways to conquer forced crap relationships, sex abuse, and real suffering - it works. one prefers joy, but you can't always have that sometimes, in periods of non-understanding how to make your own nervous system produce it.)

Whatever works. And as long as you don't do it in the streets and frighten the cart horses....

Miss Kerry said...

There was a strange lonely man who did a little zine called "gaze into gloom"int he uk, who fucking adored you WB, and whitehouse.
He had some lyrical screeds about little teeny Lolitas, that were lovely to read in their innocent natural admiration for budding femaleness.
Im sure he's just the sort of degenerate they mean. Odd that. He sounded like such a nice man, in his magazine.Poor thing. He didn't sound like he was doing too well either:(