Tuesday, January 29, 2008


#13: expectations

What do you call the male version of a nymphomaniac?

Either way, you might not know exactly what kind of sex he or she enjoys - the details, but you can clearly understand the intent. This is the only expectation that I value with art (or people for that matter): I expect a person to have a particular type of intent; beyond that, I'm open to any thing, any form of expression, and any means to achieve it.

As soon as expectations creep beyond that threshold then the art is not coming from within but influenced from outwith, and thus compromised just as an audience might demand a particular song live, a section for clapping, an encore, and so on and so forth - or perhaps the conventions of recorded sound like length of recording, number of tracks, stylistic balance. The script is no longer controlled by the satyr, I mean, artist.

This is why awareness of expectations and the capacity to continually fuck with them is, I believe, a critical skill for successful meaningful uncompromised art.


dvk said...

I wouldn't normally write something like this but I'm really wasted and it's only 3:00 in the afternoon.

You're an inspiration.

Ea-M. said...

But doesn't the antagonism to convention or expectation also formed by those? You can't fuck with it unless you somehow relate (if not accept) yourself to those functions and thus become an active player in the game even if it's only to break the rules?

Anonymous said...

"What do you call the male version of a nymphomaniac?"

A Stud if they are lucky, a Rapist if they are not or a Wanker if they're anything like me.

pelao said...

agree on all pal-in-drums...

David Cotner said...

It's...it's me, isn't it?

I remember my first Satyr with the Greenbergs. Matzoh was a bit dry, though.

Miss Kerry said...

Male nymphs-
brings to mind a thing i heard a friend say.
oh yeah, we were talking and you know she's a real goer.so you know, he wanted to have a look.

so i said, sorry to overhear, but why did he want to see her? he has a relationship, and not that kind of chap?

well you see, just about every man if he hears a girls a goer wants to have a look. just to look. not always for something else, really.


Im that way with someone/thing who seems real. i might not like it, but if it has quality, ill stick it out. something always comes from it.

but most art, past a point that operates on ironic symbolism of some gimmick,this is why i hate it so much. its fast food. its bulimic culture. its crass.
three hoovers in glass boxes. thats not a brilliant commentary on whatever the fuck you think it is. its wank.

I've had to SELL hoovers. iTs called a fucking display point. no matter how much bullshit you spin.