Sunday, July 15, 2007


There's a recurring comment you hear from what one might a tad patronisingly call the layperson. And someone asked me this again last week.

Why are you so angry all the time?

Of course this isn't the case, and I think the connoisseur will appreciate that - in fact, on or off the stage, it's an extremely rare event for me to get anywhere near to the state of anger.

Isn't it a bit like a small child walking in on their parents shagging?

Mummy, why are you fighting with daddy?


terminaltoy said...

Actors who play those "character-you-love-to-hate" roles in soaps are often spat at and reviled when they dare to appear at their local supermarket to go shopping.

sah said...

A better question would be: Why do you choose to write about anger so often?

John said...

I've never considered Whitehouse to be "angry" as such. Maybe people mistake being loud, or passionate, or printing your lyrics in capitals, for being "angry"?

Like the sound of laughter being confused for crying and vice versa, or a fan cheering, shouting or even screaming at a game/concert/event, extreme examples of the voice in emotional situations can easily produce different reactions of that person's behaviour to other's minds.

William Bennett said...

To extend that theme a step further, John, as part of much wider musical censorship in the 1950s, officials cancelled rock and roll concerts scheduled all over the US when prurient observers mistook dancing at concerts for riots and fighting.

Miss Kerry said...

My best friend often loses friends, much the same. They think he "hates everyone."
The real truth,is he cares immensely, thus is really affected by injustice and stupidity which would ultimately
prove harmful to those he's angry about.
Its part and parcel ,of that systematic dividing up what is supposed to be "ok" to think or feel.
Another strap on the metaphorical straightjacket of power mongering.
The rise of the "New Age" only cemented further, the misappropriation of what Jesus supposedly taught. "Thems fighting words!"
What these people consistently forget, is not everyone can be the "inner facing buddha" kind ( as I call it.)
Too much Jupiter, is weakness.
Another stab at castrating men, emotionally. Any feeling not remotely resembling meekness, MUST be anger. How about the FIERCENESS OF JOY?
And even if William was angry ( and testosterone makes anger feel pretty fucking GOOD ), whose business is that? What is this, school? Church? Hello, Thought Police.
Oh dear, if I don't act all nice someone may get UPSET.
Then they surely MUST wonder why their sexual partners are so uninterested in them, both genders after sucking the very LIFE out of everything.
Whats wrong with being excited? Whats so wrong with being excited, by seeing strong emotions? Rather than afraid?
I don't know about anyone else, but unleash the primal Beast - for me THATS exciting to see.
And THAT is what these eunuchs are so pissed off about. Their idea of the shadow self, obviously only embraces the infantile- neglecting the Treasure Trove so so far out of reach for them. This is what has killed Art , also.