Friday, July 13, 2007


Simon Reynolds' much-feted Rip It Up And Start Again is an entertaining but ultimately shoddily researched book about what he describes as 'post-punk'; he has far less grasp on the literary and artistic cultural references he bandies about than he and his band of nostalgic mostly fortysomething readers might like to think. But that's rock writers for you. Anyway, enough of that.

On a personal note, it's irritating how Reynolds' included unverified quotes from Neil Megson get lazily regurgitated in various quarters, and once again, in this month's Wire magazine, Megson eagerly jumps at the opportunity tossed in his direction. And before I continue, I should state for the record that I admire both Chris and Cosey, nor do I have a problem with Sleazy (despite not being especially familiar with his latter-day work).

Hippie Megson has been playing the numbers game since the early 70s, trying his luck at almost any thing in the hope of hitting the big celebrity jackpot that, like the grapes to Tantalus, so sadly seems to keep eluding him. And despite the bold bulimic rhetoric he utilises in conversation, Megson in all that time - with the assistance of his trusty sidekick, the Oxford Rhyming Dictionary - has not managed (in my opinion) to write one single half-decent set of lyrics. His continual griping and posturing and bitching and rationalising and whingeing and namechecking and boasting says a lot more about him than it does about anyone else: a subtext of why he doesn't get the recognition and public love for everything that, at least in his own addled moral worldview, he feels he's invented or achieved, and donated to the world.

The ironic and disappointing truth is that he's not a man in drag at all, I really wish he was. He's Nicholas Fairbairn with piercings.


brian said...

the lazy excuse for research "conducted" by reynolds is most glaringly obvious in the mentions of Whitehouse and NWW. it is quite obvious that reynolds went no further than a simple bit of internet browsing, as evidenced by comically misleading information made by Stapleton many years ago in an interview taken and reported as fact.

as for porridge's hatred of whitehouse, its just another example of hypocrisy from a self-obsessed ego-manical cretin who has done absolutely nothing of any worth since TG's "termination" in 1981. it has always been a good example of his remarkable hypocrisy, how he can criticise whitehouse's lyrical content and presentation after writing songs such as "slug bait", "urge to kill", "very friendly" and (the admittedly instrumental - though just as the majority of "new britain" and "buchenwald" were) "aushwitz" in TG and glorifying the actions of charles manson and jim jones alongside selling videos of what appear to be the castrations of young boys in his PTV work until around 1985, is really not explainable beyond ridiculous pretention and pettyness: two traits that p-orridge has consistently exhibited in the course of his "career".

lets face it, after p-orridge had pissed off sleazy, carter, tutti, tibet and balance until they all wanted nothing to do with him, "his" (and i add quotation marks to that not out of recognition for his ridiculously attention-hungry and laughable experiments with "pandrodgeny" of late, but rather down to the fact that he has built an entire career out of the ideas and talents of others) musical work went to total shit and he revealed himself as just wanting to be yet another pop / rock "star", albeit one that spouted endless reams of sub-crowleyan bullshit.

porridge has always been, by far, the weakest link in the whole "underground" / "industrial" / "post-industrial" {god i really hate those last two phrases, totally misleading and ill-fitting} -scene (which in my mind is TG, Coil, NWW, Whitehouse, Carter, Tutti, Cyclobe, Mirror, John Duncan, The Hafler Trio, Andrew Chalk, Consumer Electronics, Current 93 and newer artists like Andrew Liles, Colin Potter, Ora, Monos etc [though these are linked in my mind purely due to actual contact, time and collaboration: i mean, TG sounds nothing like NWW who sound nothing like Whitehouse who sound nothing like h3o; and i am also fairly sure that both Whitehouse and NWW would consider themselves to have very little in common with these contemporaries]. where as all the above artists i have mentioned have - in my opinion anyhow - produced some of the most remarkable, unique and deeply rewarding music i have ever heard, PTV and other post-TG porridge projects have been consistantly shit. insipid and inept rock and dance music with only pretention in place of adventure. i've said it before, and i'll say it again: porridge's only skill is manipulating people, taking the ideas and skills of others and passing them off as his own work: his grotesquely massive ego always leads his projects to be abject failures in terms of musical value. and the whole early-eighties TOPY thing wasn't the "magickal order" it pretended to be, it was really just a load of cretins wandering around london in leather trousers, shaved heads, piercings, and charles manson t-shirts. if you were unfortunate to get into a conversation with one of these sheep you could expect to hear the words "sex magick" repeated until you wanted to crack yourself in the fucking head with a rock.

it is very unfortunate though to see the editing of that recent interview by the wire attempt to insinuate that sleazy was making disparaging comments about whitehouse. i am certain he, along with carter and tutti, have absolutely no problem with whitehouse whatsoever.

it was amusing to read porridge complaining that "bands dont develop" these days, in light of his dreadfully conservative and derivative new PTV rock + roll album. and also in the shadow of the fact that the next TG album is to be a cover album.

i have absolutely no doubt in my mind that porridge is holding back the talents of sleazy, carter and tutti, and i do wish they would drop him as the liability he is.

SYpHA_69 said...

What a coincidence, I just got that issue of the Wire today. I should add that this is only the second time I've ever purchased an issue from them (I think the only other time was their issue on Suicide).

Interesting as to how the article refers to Whitehouse as TG "acolytes," as from what I've read from the old Come Org interviews Whitehouse was sort of a reaction to what TG was doing at the time, rather than being slavish followers? I don't really like the disparaging tone the article takes in that aspect, referring to such bands as "spawn."

I'm not really sure what to think about P-Orridge, as I've read quite a bit of press about him from both his admirers and his detractors. I guess in some regards I'll always have a soft spot for him because he was kind of the first "alternative" figure I ever really came across. Having said that, I think he can be very close-minded in some aspects. How many Whitehouse albums has he even heard, other than maybe the very first few? I don't really think he's done his research in that area. I'm not sure about the other members of TG, but I suppose they must be a little more aware... after all, didn't Coil + Chris & Cosey do a live show with Whitehouse some time ago?

I do think that P-Orridge perhaps clings to the past a wee bit too much. I mean, I did enjoy the new PTV, but at the same time it is very derivative of psychadelic music from the 1960's, which to my mind isn't really a great leap forward.

However, I will argue that he has written at least one decent song, that being "Slug Bait." At the very least, that really blew my mind when I first heard it and paid attention to the lyrics and realized what the song was about.

H'mm, William, have you heard the new TG, or is that just something you have no interest in doing, or...?

terminaltoy said...

I like a good piece of poison-penmanship myself, especially if it's justifiable. I agree with these two comments, just can't relate to their passionate nature. Gen has been a non-issue for gen-erations. If the boot fits, lick it.
And Brian, Colin Potter is hardly a newcomer. He's been pumping stuff out since c.1980...
Egads I like this blog...

Mister said...

My favorite ass-pect of thee ladee Porridge is his constant historical revisionism!!! From being Ian Curtis' secret confidant, to his recent illuminations on his time spent with Brian Jones, I am never failed in the extreme entertainment value of this twats twaddling. Did you know that Gen also turned Syd Barrett onto ACID?? Yes, I would be sad and ashamed too, but now finally enough time has passed that the truth may be told!! Plus his shameless posturing when his esteemed associate Tutti was being recognized at the Tate (is that the right place?)"she would have never done it if I had'nt told her too...". Thankfully, with the proper distancing we can all enjoy this fucking nozzle for the clown he has becoum.

finnan said...

Ahhh Britains answer to Dame edna cries wolf again!!Mr porridge has always been the most prominent bandwagon jumper since day one,I always saw his little snides about Whitehouse as a form of jealousy nothing more!