Friday, April 13, 2007


Personal definitions of some of my oft-used words and expressions.

#1: subtext
To me, the subtext is that which lies beneath, behind and beyond the actual words we use: the inwardly felt expression flowing without interruption and thereby giving those words life and a reason for existing. The subtext contains a web of intricate hypotheses of both insignificant and great truths all made up of the objects of our attention combined with our hidden motivations. Subtext often has unintended interpretations made by others because its complex potential is difficult to design and control successfully, but it is, nevertheless, always revelatory.

#2: force the truth
#3: resonate
I often use the phrase force the truth and resonate together in an artistic context. Truth to me isn't something concrete, definite or factual; it's simply a notion that contains an internal harmony (and thereby the resonate metaphor), perhaps like a well-tuned musical instrument - in one sense a subjective experience, yet in another, one that many can mutually appreciate in the same way. To force the truth therefore is to break through barriers with the implicit intention of discovering this purity of resonance and harmony; force reflecting the degree of artistic single-mindedness, aggressive intensity, or the simple heartfelt passion required.

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hannah_hanuska said...

I´ve been a fan of whitehouse for at least the seven last years... and now I´m also increasingly impressed by your conceptual insights on what you, and others, do...

The "force the truth" concept seems to embody successfully a great deal of what´s at stake in any artistic achievment, namely: the depiction of a truth, which is also beautifully defined here. You could actually keep this format from time to time.
Instead of a personal journal, a personal dictionary.

Thank you Mr Bennett

J.-P. Caron