Monday, July 24, 2006


It's nice to see some sacrifice.

I know all sorts of other people can make perfectly good music for dancing, for driving to, for headbanging, for the radio, for chilling out to, or even for the basic purposes of improvisation or experimentation, or any of the other common basic functions of the medium. It's that music, on account of its publicity and spectacular side, attracts many who merely want to capitalise their beauty or careers, and you see them, gamblers one and all, meaninglessly lining up week after week, generation after generation, in the music magazines, on music TV channels, and elsewhere, sucking into the camera lenses, plying their mechanically-created wares.


Kristian said...


Now what do you think of someone like Scott Walker?

He started off as a disposable bubble gum kid, however his latest couple of works "Tilt" & "The Drift" are really something else...............the mans a genius.

Rarely have I heard music that cuts me to the quick so deeply as these albums.

Can you imagine if Robbie Williams was to produce work like Scott walker is putting out now?


William Bennett said...

Agreed, the last Scott Walker album in particular is overwhelming and incredible, and is arguably the best recent example of something totally transcending what I describe.

charlie m. said...

glad to know you enjoy the new scott walker, its one of my favorite albums to come out this year!