Thursday, May 09, 2024

STEVE ALBINI (1962-2024)

I am so deeply saddened by the shocking news yesterday of Steve Albini passing away. Can't quite believe it.

In 1987 we first recorded the 'Thank Your Lucky Stars' 7" with Steve at his home studio (pictured) - at the time knowing him more as a notable writer at Forced Exposure though I believe we may have briefly met at the 1983/1984 concerts in Chicago.

From then I used to see Steve regularly all through the 90s and during that time worked together for the full TYLS album (1990), another 7", albums 'Twice Is Not Enough' (1991)/'Halogen' (1994)/'Quality Time.' (1995) and then the three extended sound collages on 'Mummy And Daddy' (1998)/'Cruise' (2001)/'Bird Seed' (2003).

Steve was exceptionally talented at everything he put his mind to as he also did with great thoughtfulness and integrity.

It was an incredible privilege and huge pleasure to have been able to work with him and learn so much. Not only about music and recording, for example one poignant remark he made directly inspired me to drastically cut down on drinking at shows.

Steve was so funny, so well-read and knowledgeable, a fantastic often caustic story-teller, always down-to-earth, always sharply focused and dedicated to his amazing work.

My love and thoughts go out to Steve's friends, his family, and his partner.

Monday, March 25, 2024


Two new live action archive audio releases at Bandcamp for March 2024!

Firstly we have LA12 in Chicago (poster pictured above) that took place at the famous Exit venue in 1983. The other one is LA115 from Cologne, Germany from 2003 at Gebaeude 9, venue where many famous performances have taken place.

Both are freely available to download until next month. Thanks once again for the much appreciated support!

Friday, February 23, 2024

Wednesday, January 31, 2024



DUMPING THE FUCKING RUBBISH special limited t-shirt coming soon, absolute must-have, watch this space for more news!!

Also, new for January 2024 at the Susan Lawly Bandcamp page there are two new live action audio archive recordings: LA43 (Toronto, 1984) and LA107 (Brussels, 2003). As a free bonus download the latter also features some amazing pictures taken by photographer Manu Burghart at the concert. 

Both LAs are freely available to download until next month, once again thank you for the support!

Friday, November 24, 2023


Happy Black Friday!

It's here! WRIGGLE LIKE A FUCKING EEL special time-limited T-shirt release date 11th December, now available for pre-orders! Absolute must-have!
Use special code 'CHLORINE GARGOYLE' for 10% discount :)

Bandcamp exclusive bonus track has been added to LA177 in the form of the amazing 16 minute live improvised collaboration between William Bennett and Japanese noise legend Toshiji Mikawa (INCAPACITANTS) - entire LA177 album is now freely downloadable for a week or so.

Also, 30% Black Friday discount there off everything by entering code 'blackfriday23'! 
Code is valid until Monday night.

Wednesday, October 25, 2023


Live Action 120 (What Is Music? festival, Melbourne, Australia) and LA177 (Yokohama Art Triennale, Yokohama, Japan, 2008) are now both freely available to download for one week at Susan Lawly Bandcamp page!

Very fond memories of both of these shows, the Melbourne one was absolutely wild and I think the recording fully reflects it; that entire What Is Music? tour in 2004 was stacked with an incredible line-up and very well organised - meanwhile, the time spent at the Art Triennale in Yokohama was really enjoyable in particularly hanging out with Toshiji Mikawa (we even did a short live performance together at the event which may also be released at some stage.

Thursday, October 05, 2023


Special October review update after the momentous release of a new Saw movie.

Saw X, 2023 (*****)
The magnificent Tobin Bell is given centre stage and it's his presence that elevates a tried and trusted formula to yet another level. And the greater emotional investment pays off by the time the trademark menacing climactic theme reassuringly fades in for the horrific final act.

Past Lives, 2023 (***)
A film about the lives and interconnected loves of two close childhood friends who are separated by one of the families emigrating from Korea. Yes, it's well acted and you will identify with all kinds of poignant moments throughout however the female lead is such an incredibly cold fish it is the antithesis of romantic. How 2023.

Killing Romance, 2023 (**)
Scattershot comedy/musical/romcom that despite being full of energy and panache all just feels a bit flat and try-hard.

The Artifice Girl, 2022 (**)
Certainly an interesting premise of the evolution in three time periods of a revolutionary AI girl, Cherry, programmed to catch child predators. Nevertheless , poor acting and a wordy script laden with laughable amounts of exposition result in a film that rarely feels believable leading to the final act where, dear Lord, 'Cherry' devolves into a whiny narcissist. 

The Invitation, 2015 (**)
Couple are invited to an LA dinner party hosted by his ex-wife. Highly enjoyable quasi-Pinteresque dialogues and awkward tensions between the weirdo guests are sadly let down by a substandard lead actor and a dreadful final act when all the 'action' starts.

Frailty, 2001 (****)
Missed this the first time around! Bill Paxton directs and features in a highly original horror thriller about a father who superficially seems nice enough despite being a religious fanatic. Some real shocks ensue. Props to the two young sons for their fantastic performances.

Be With You, 2018 (****)
Love and death as a woman dies leaving behind her husband and young son. The two lead actors are great but just a bit too good-looking and support characters are more developed in the superb Japanese 2004 original but there are still some really powerfully affecting moments and it's the little boy who steals the show here.

Thursday, September 07, 2023


CUT HANDS HAS THE SOLUTION special 20th anniversary limited T-shirt release date 25th September (won't be available after this date), now available for pre-orders from our friends at Dirter Promotions.

Absolute must-have!!

More pictures at Instagram.

PS: you can use the code 'ITSHELPING' for a 10% discount :)

Thursday, August 17, 2023


Live Action 30 (Metropol, Berlin, 1984) and LA146 (Subterranean, Chicago, 2006) are now both freely available to download for one week at Susan Lawly Bandcamp!

The full video recording of LA146 will also be available in three parts at Susan Lawly YouTube channel later today (August 17th).

Live Action 30 was a highly surreal experience taking place at the huge and very famous Metropol venue in front of an audience of about 10 people owing to the event being totally unpublicised. Afterwards, in scenes reminiscent of a gangster movie, the venue boss refused to pay the band guarantee but, fortunately, accompanying Whitehouse on some of these Germany tour dates was an NME journalist: she helped greatly by stating in no uncertain terms that failure to pay would result in bad publicity for the venue.

Thursday, July 20, 2023


LA25 (Paris, 2003), LA112 (Cork, Ireland), LA114 (Glasgow, 2003) audio recordings newly remastered are all available to freely download for one week at Susan Lawly Bandcamp page!

Thanks once again for the great support, more coming next month.