Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Cut Hands 'Rarities I' - digital only EP release March 23rd 2018. Available through iTunes, Bandcamp, and possibly others.

1) Damballah 58 (Benin Mix) 4:50
very early version of the 12” on Blackest Ever Black
2) Place Of Endless Worry 1:25
originally scored for a documentary
3) Drink Them Like Milk 4:23
prototype of 'Eat Them Like Bread' later featured on the Madwoman 12" EP on Downwards
4) Prototaxic Distortion 6:10
alternative earlier version of Parataxic Distortion (from BEB’s ‘Festival Of The Dead’ double LP)
5) Festival Of The Dead Ondo 5:41
remastered percussion track taken from the rare limited edition BEB compilation LP ‘I can’t give you the life you want’
6) Secret Of Elegua 1:25
unreleased instrumental, originally for a documentary

All songs written, performed and produced by William Bennett.
Vévé artwork by Mimsy DeBlois.

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