Tuesday, March 18, 2014


The two beautiful new Cut Hands vinyl volumes are out! I've a few copies (can be signed ones too if you'd like) - $60 for both albums (Volume 3 and Volume 4) including free worldwide shipping (PayPal is to the usual susanlawly@gmail.com).

Also the original Afro Noise mix from 2008 is now up at Soundcloud. Where the whole Cut Hands project began. A few of the free 100 downloads they offer still available last time I checked.

Lots of exciting shows coming up and really looking forward to touring the USA with Godflesh next month. Next two shows are unmissable! March 29th 2014, Glasgow School Of Art with Florian Hecker and Konx-om-Pax, and then on April 4th 2014 there's a totally stacked line-up at the Downwards night at Corsica Studios, London.

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morgan said...

Very excited to see you in Portland; you were incredible two years ago in Seattle! I'd ask you to play the one where you tear the room apart and everyone goes fucking bananas, but that's all of them.