Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Fillmore Discos reviews are back with the recent 7-day series of overlooked rare vintage gems posted from my Twitter (hence their pitifully brief 140-character length). The scores, as always, are no more than a measure of how much I got off on watching them. If you've seen any of these, would love to hear your thoughts too.

Toys Are Not For Children, 1972 (*****)
I love sleazy Pinteresque psychosexual mindfuckery and just like 70s classic The Baby, Toys is amazing

Femina Ridens, 1969 (*****)
gloriously twisted misandrist Italian masterpiece featuring the exquisite Dagmar Lassander, modern cinema can't compare

Road To Salina, 1971 (*****)
eyes wide open mindblowing incest psychodrama, movingly intense performances from Rita Hayworth and Mimsy Farmer

So Sweet, So Dead, 1972 (****)
vintage giallo whose wanton sleaze is matched only by its sartorial elegance and a truly sumptuous soundtrack

Il Caso Mattei, 1972 (*****)
Rosi's fascinating Italian political biopic with an amazing proto-industrial techno soundtrack (yes, in 1972!)

Red Desert, 1964 (*****) 
Antonioni's extraordinary visionary traumatic film about alienation exacts a heavy emotional toll, you must see it

Frustration, 1971 (*****)
elegant erotic often disturbing study of female sexual frustration, daring to go where Polanski's Repulsion wouldn't


_Black_Acrylic said...

Just watched Red Desert for the first time. What a wonderful film that is, so thanks for the recommendation. Fillmore Discos is always an essential point of reference.

Miss Kerry said...

"Sometime later, Giuliana is again walking with her son near her husband's plant. Valerio notices a nearby smokestack emitting poisonous yellow smoke and wonders if birds are being killed by the toxic emissions. Giuliana tells him that the birds have learned not to fly near the poisonous yellow smoke."

Father tried to tell me in so many words, the same. He was correct.