Sunday, December 23, 2012


Magical moments of 2012: the gift of an unfeasibly large basket of exotic fruit, the coalmines of Saint Etienne, having Den Harrow follow DJ Benetti on Twitter, getting to see Reincarnated, the streets of San Francisco, classic disco vinyl played at Torino vegan restaurant, Maya Deren screening, release of the chimps, BEB night, a platinum at last on PSN, Romney's demise, Daphne's birthday bubbly in Barcelona, Gullivers in Manchester, Cleveland waitress who turned out to be a fan of Uncle William, HMS Bounty at Boothbay Harbor, and so much else...
Incredible year, one of the very best, even despite a couple of health scares.
The travelling's been so much fun, met so many amazing people at shows: in the States, on the continent, and also back home. Also saw and heard some genuinely inspiring new stuff, recorded, live, and DJ sets: there's some amazing music out there for anyone who's ready to go out and look.
During the spring and summer, recording and preparing Black Mamba took quite a heavy toll and I don't care what that fucking snool at The Wire thinks about 54 Needles because I love that song and am proud of that album. Seriously, what's not to like about incense?!
Vinyl version will be happening before long with new songs to replace ones already included in the previous Afro Noise I vinyl sets. Also, Madwoman, a new 12", is in the works. Excited.
Anyway, my true thanks and love to everyone for listening, for writing in, for feedback, for doing reviews, for putting on concerts, for coming to concerts. It means such a lot. I hope the music might give you much special pleasure and more, and for a long time to come.
Have a great holiday and all that's right there in waiting for 2013.


Anonymous said...

Raises a fine 2004 grand cru & nods.

All the best for 2013!

Sinister Glove said...

Best end of year post ever! Massive bumlick from Byker. Not familiar with that wire review (I'd rather read Trevor Kavannah or G Bushellz) but if they diss you your probably doing something right.

How about more blog posts for 2013?

Whats the official story with Whitehouse now then?