Sunday, July 22, 2012


Industrial Musics Volume 2 - Eric Duboys
Fifty Shades Of Grey - E.L. James
Intimate Enemy - George Robert Bach

The Visitors - Nick Mott (LP)
Colour Them Gone - Jailbreak (CD) 
La Llorona - Lhasa (CD)
Short Stories - Joe Adrift (CD)

Klitschko - Sebastian Dehnhardt
Documenting The Grey Man - Wayne Capps
Alan Partridge On Open Books With Martin Bryce
Michelle Jenneke



morgan said...

most curious to hear your review of 50 shades of gray...

Miss Kerry said...

A ways back, when 50 shades was everywhere ( public transport, at my work, in piles on tables ) I had a peek at it. Snatched it up, and hid in a goods reserve- hoping to find something at least amusing to break up the day.
Sadly, the cheap thrill was ruined by the sudden shock of how truly awful the writing. Had I hoped for a modern version of "The Story of O " ( which is pretty visceral at age 14 )? This wasn't even mildly purient soft core chick lit. More like getting shoved into a dirty bathroom wall and hastily felt up by someone disturbingly revolting ( and more ways than looks ), who bathed far too little. Ewwww.

Worst still, I was caught looking by a co worker. Had I realised at the time, every middle class woman above the age of 20 was eagerly poring over her copy on the bus, and indeed, everywhere- I would have felt less a sense of shame for reading a couple sentences. It wasn't the smut- it was being caught doing something not quite right. Nothing to do with sex, everything to do with "WTF is THAT" sort of reaction.

Some other book, tarted up as a genre similarity, came into the store- and I couldn't resist poking at my aesthetically disturbed psyche with another pointy stick.
This time I learnt my lesson. What this sort of genre concerns with touching other people's no-no places, is best left in dark corners, along with much of the last decade's idea of Art.
Whats wrong with these people?
Have they no taste?
How is it possible to delve into atavistic layers, and yet only come up with the sordid sentiment? Nothing much of beauty. Or love. Or Beast even.

This needs to be left in the hot daylight sun to kill the rot!