Tuesday, April 10, 2012


There's a special collection of Cut Hands booty at Ebay, all proceeds to Collapse journal!

New tracks completed (no release plans as yet!):
Black Mamba
Pains Part Of The Dilemma
Nzambi Ia Ngonde
54 Needles
Palo Mayombe

Forthcoming shows:
14th April : info (Stockholm, Sweden)
27th April : Power Lunches (London, UK) + Maria & The Mirrors
5th May : Cripta 747 (Torino, Italy)
27th May : Sub Club (Glasgow, UK)
25th May : WGT Festival (Leipzig, Germany)
21st July : tbc (Edinburgh, UK)
tbc September : tbc (USA tour)
2nd October : tbc (Berlin, Germany)
13th October : tbc (London, UK)
27th October : NK (Berlin, Germany)  + Marcus Schmickler + Florian Hecker

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