Friday, January 06, 2012


19th January : Rhiz (Vienna, Austria)
20th January : Galerie Divus (Prague, Czech Republic)
21st January : KlickClub (Berlin, Germany)
26th January : Supersimetria (Barcelona, Spain) + Hecker + Phill Niblock and others
1st February : CTM12 (Berlin, Germany)
4th February : Blackest Ever Black, Islington Mill (Manchester, UK) + Demdike Stare + Raime + Regis

14th February 2012 : Los Globos (Los Angeles, USA)
15th February 2012 : (Austin, USA)
17th February 2012 : Apop Records (St. Louis, USA)
18th February 2012 : Empty Bottle (Chicago, USA) + Bongripper
19th February 2012 : Now That's Class (Cleveland, USA) + Prostitutes
20th February 2012 : The Dionysus Disco (Oberlin, USA)
21st February 2012 : The Shop (PIttsburgh, USA) + TM Eye + Trogpite
23rd February 2012 : Pyramid Atlantic (Washington DC, USA) + Blue Sausage Infant + Janel
24th February 2012 : Public Assembly (New York, USA)
25th February 2012 : What We Talk About When We Talk About Us (Allston, USA) + Veiled + Shawn Greenlee + Karlheinz

21st March 2012 : Instants Chavir├ęs (Paris, France)
29th March : Avatarium Festival (Saint Etienne, France)


joe p said...

not able to line up any west coast dates north of LA, then? that's very disappointing; los angeles is a little too far to go!

William Bennett said...

we're hoping it'll happen in September, Joe