Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Some great new shows added to the list including an extra date in Poland (in Poznan), a return to Japan for Incapacitants 30th Anniversary, plus Leeds on January 14th.
24th Sep 2011 : Netwerk CCA (Aalst, Belgium)
30th Sep : Endtyme (Manchester, UK)
10th Oct : Unsound Festival (Krakow, Poland)
12th Oct :
Unsound Festival (Krakow, Poland)
21st Oct : Blackest Ever Black (London, UK)
23rd Oct : Supersonic Festival (Birmingham, UK)
2nd Nov : Mayhem (Copenhagen, Denmark)
4th Nov : tbc (Netherlands)
11th Nov : (Brussels, Belgium)
19th Nov : (Gdansk, Poland)

20th Nov : (Poznan, Poland)

tbc Nov : (Tallinn, Estonia)
tbc Nov : (Estonia)
23rd Nov : (Riga, Latvia)

25th Nov : (Vilnius, Lithuania)
28th Nov : (Lyon, France)
30th Nov : (Geneva, Switzerland)
2nd Dec : Unit (Tokyo, Japan) - Incapacitants + Ramleh
4th Dec : (Kyoto, Japan)
10th Dec : (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
14th Jan 2012 : (Leeds, UK)
tbc Jan : (Paris, France)

19th Jan : Rhiz (Vienna, Austria)
21st Jan : tbc (Berlin, Germany)
tbc Jan : (Barcelona, Spain)

4th Feb : (Manchester, UK)
tbc Feb : tour (USA)
tbc Mar : (Saint Etienne, France)


Anonymous said...

Throw out Christ!

Bring back Uncle William!

William Bennett said...

the word on the street is that Uncle William will indeed be back soon...