Tuesday, August 16, 2011


16th Aug : Edinburgh Festival (Edinburgh, UK)
19th Aug : DOMMUNE ZERO Festival (Kawasaki, Japan)
23rd Aug : DOMMUNE venue (Tokyo, Japan) - EXTRA SHOW
4th Sep : Cry Parrot Festival (Glasgow, UK)
24th Sep : Netwerk (Brussels, Belgium)
30th Sep : Endtyme (Manchester, UK) - NEW SHOW ADDED!
10th Oct : Unsound Festival (Krakow, Poland)
21st Oct : Blackest Ever Black (London, UK)
23rd Oct : Supersonic Festival (Birmingham, UK)
2nd Nov : (Copenhagen, Denmark) - NEW SHOW ADDED!
11th Nov : (Brussels, Belgium)
19th Nov : (Gdansk, Poland)
tbc Nov : (Lithuania)
tbc Nov : (Estonia)
tbc Nov : (Latvia)
tbc Nov : (Lyon, France)
tbc Nov : (Geneva, Switzerland)
tbc Dec : (Oslo, Norway)
tbc February 2012 : tour (USA)


(((o))) said...

No Berlin date? William that was rally nothing... Shame on you, if you won't let us dance too!

auto_disappointer said...

Do you have any more info about the Manchester date? Never heard of Endtyme...
Is that a venue or a festival maybe?
I'll be there whatever it is!

Thomas said...

Would you like to perform in central Michigan for the United States part? If so I'll find you a spot around here in Mt. Pleasant. Central Michigan University is here and there is quite an open mind around here for your afro-noise. I've been playing quite a bit of Cut Hands here in the record store I work at and the browsers are impressed.

Thomas said...

Trying this message again...If you would like to play in central Michigan USA, I can find you a spot somewhere around here in time for your tour.
Would love to see you out here.

William Bennett said...

oops, apologies to all commenters, I'd overlooked to publish 'em! will pay more attention next time...

yes, definitely hoping there's some interest in Germany!

have added a link with all the info you'll need, it's a good venue, should be a top night

yes, would be great to play there in Mt. Pleasant, can you email me your details at susanlawlyATgmail.com - I'll forward them to the tour organiser