Wednesday, July 13, 2011


There'll be a Cut Hands performance as part of the Dommune Zero Festival in Japan on August 19th in aid of the earthquake relief effort. Also performing will be Jeff Mills, Hijokaidan, Merzbow, Boredoms, Keiji Haino, and many others.


Shonx said...

That does sound like a helluva gig, worth it for yourself, Jeff Mills and the Boredoms. The latter I saw at the Madeira Hotel here in Brighton and I still think it was one of the most insane gigs I ever saw. One of them playing a toy drum kit in front of the stage in the mosh pit and Eye standing on a table singing into a toy microphone with built in effects. Did chat to them afterwards and they were all incredibly self-effacing and polite, glad to hear they're still going.

Noir said...

In an unrelated note, Whitehouse is featured in the latest post on Anagram Record Reviews: