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Christina Lindberg's acting career was predominantly in the 70s when she epitomised the sweet-looking and somewhat lonesome submissive young teenager whose voluptuous looks are an unwitting magnet for various types of sexual predator, both male and female.

Exposed (*****)
Catherine Breillat could learn a lot from this early 70s gem, her coming-of-age films whilst being never less than brave are consistently blighted by her own extreme naïvete and seeming lack of personal experience - Exposed ('Exponerad' in Swedish), much like the later Maid In Sweden but with harder and more forceful content, is a masterly look at feminine teenage sexuality that would probably now never be made

Maid In Sweden (****)
once you get past your expectations of Maid In Sweden being a routine 70s softcore entry and the hilarious accents (all the acting is in English with real time audio), you get drawn into what is a minor coming-of-age classic full of courageous touching honesty with extremely rare insights into the usually misrepresented female psyche

Young Playthings (***)
sexploitation director Joe Sarno's hard-to-find Young Playthings is one of the most incomprehensible movies you're likely to ever see; what starts out as conventional softcore fare soon gets indescribably arty weird as the two female protagonists get drawn into an apartment and involved in an arcane mime show - somewhat like Roger Watkins' Last House On Dead End Street without the gore

Sex And Fury (**)
pinky violence with Christina Lindbergh should deliver a lot more fun than the results - she pretty much delivers her side of the bargain seen here at her radiant best with huge anime eyes, unfortunately the whole is let down by a poor Japanese cast and some preposterously amateurish low budget action sequences

Journey To Japan (**)
traditional Japanese porno fare as Christina, after getting picked up by one of the many geeky perverts that appear to troll Tokyo's streets, is predictably subjected to various kinky assaults before falling, also predictably, Stockholm syndrome style, for her nerdy bespectacled captor

Anita: Swedish Nymphet (**)
Lindberg is fantastic as the 17-year-old nymphomaniac, one of her best performances - sadly, the film has dated terribly and is undermined by its ridiculous premise of a lonely teenage girl aggressively accosting random men for sex; this nonsense is made worse when a weedy youth becomes her self-proclaimed therapist attempting to wean her off the 'addiction' - Deep Throat's narrative is more believable than this

Thriller: A Cruel Picture (****)
don't be too put off by Tarantino (and others) referencing this as inspiration, Thriller is an entertaining yet thoughtful revenge action movie with some uncommon nastiness - Lindberg is perfectly cast as the beautiful young girl preyed upon to breaking point by perverts, pimps, and pushers


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