Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Bad Biology (****)
Henenlotter's long-awaited return to filmmaking after the glory days of Frankenhooker and Brain Damage is a wonderfully sexy horror film as weirdly surreal as it is arousing - it looks stunning on 35mm film, and Charlee Danielson is a gorgeous and perfect choice to play the girl with the seven clits

Kick-Ass (**)
oh, if only Nicolas Cage hadn't managed to shoehorn his hammy clammy way into this comicbook adaptation, how much better it would be; yet despite its predictable Hollywood cop-outs and failings, it's not entirely without charm, particularly the presence of the supercute Chloe Moretz

The Killer Inside Me (*)
dreary and dishonest 2010 remake of Jim Thompson's thriller - dreary because it denies the moviegoer any fulfilment, whether gorehound, sleaze merchant, thrillseeker, or social commentarist; dishonest because it uses all these tropes as false enticements - the cast reads like a list of desperate second-tier careerists touting their asses for an easy payday

Drifter (*)
Roel Reiné's wretched attempt to make Saw/Cube-style horror - the plot device of four losers WHO find themselves in the desert with mysterious surgical scars initially sounds almost promising, just trust me that it isn't

Mad Hot Ballroom (***)
engaging documentary following several New York elementary schools competing for an annual ballroom competition - it's as much a Wiseman-style condemnation of general failings within the academic system, though not without the heartwarming and progressive efforts of the teachers and pupils of PS112 who, perversely, are stitched up in the judging

Hierro (**)
a pleasing visual aesthetic is not enough to salvage this Spanish film from its vacuity - another victory of film school graduate style over narrative substance; surely it's imperative that any plot involving a missing person makes you want to at least care a little bit about their fate?

Iron Man 2 (*)
Iron Man stars once again as Robert Downey Jr.: this, amazingly, is even worse - far worse - than the woeful first episode of this inevitably interminable new express franchise for product cross promotion and placement



hOU said...

Downey Jr is indeed a prize-cunt to behold, eh?

If anyone has the ´'anti-Midas touch' it is he.

Andy Capper said...

What are you saying about Bad Lieutenant 2010?

William Bennett said...

Andy, it's here: