Monday, September 28, 2009


After mentioning it in my recent BIRDS 6, here's another poignant example (for the sceptics) of that most powerful symbol of the new totalitarian state we inhabit. Never, ever, trust a man (or woman) in a yellow reflective jacket.


Mary said...

I believed you from the beginning, for the record ;) xxx

Nick said...

Amen. Edinburgh city centre is totally rife with Environmental Wardens, Parking inspectors and assorted Vest-cunts these days.

Tom said...

When our plucky police start wearing those here in Michigan, i;ll know we are in trouble. Actually, since police here are so untrustworthy I do kinda welcome the idea of reflective uniforms. Makes it real easy to spot them from afar. Police here are not after the saftey of the citizens, there sole purpose is to make money for a state that can't make up its mind on whether to spend your incarceration bill on school lunches or college scholarships.