Friday, July 03, 2009


It's as if nothing had happened, as if there'd been nothing displaced nor untoward - unless, of course, you already knew about its history. This afternoon was rainy and bleak in Humbie at the infamous Children's Village there once located, and the grey weather only served to ensure that the revisit was a suitably eerie one. Much of the evidence of what it once used to be, such as the children's roundabout, the space rocket, and the child-sized doors, have been removed. The land has been renamed and converted into a small estate of luxury detached houses by a property developer. However, since the original buildings have listed status, the colour schemes and essential architectural features have been retained, thus its troubled past still resonates, darkly; and while most windows are covered in black plastic to discourage the peers of ghouls like ourselves, there were some deeply portentous human shadows behind the improvised net curtains of the few inhabited...

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