Wednesday, February 25, 2009


When you examine the full head mask of Iwa Geda, the first thing you ask yourself is how it fits on your own head. Naturally, to put it on is something that fills you with a sudden spasm of shivering, just as wearing the cardigan of a killer would, which is a stark indicator of how superstitious you are. That said, there are these people all around you, expecting as one, and once you do understand that you're no longer to be held responsible for your forthcoming actions, you no longer need to maintain your illusion of identity, your 'personality'. I've sometimes been asked how to make a person go into a trance state, that I can't be hypnotised - to which, I ask the more relevant question how are you going to manage to stay out of a hypnotic state, this state of trance? It's so hard to try. It's so much easier to put the mask on, now gently.

At first, the sensory deprivation is acute, hearing is muffled, and the tiny eye-holes greatly restrict vision, and you quickly begin to feel the presence of another personality, of Iwa Geda. In another way, it's like being a new-born baby that has to learn how to walk and move and communicate as the illusion of your previous identity has disappeared, but slowly and surely movement does begin and it's now that you feel the full possession taking place.

You no longer have a gender, Iwa Geda. Your clothes no longer have meaning. You no longer have sexual preference. You are crude, vulgar. You know everything there is to know. You are the cadaver of the first person to ever die and the last person anyone else will ever see. The Alpha and The Omega.


Abby said...

i still can't believe you can wear it. i barely got it on. it does smell really incredible when you have it on.

William Bennett said...

this is a new one I have, Abby! I'll email you a pic of it, if you like

Abby said...

yes, i'd love to see it. even though a picture is not worthy of it i'm sure.