Monday, May 05, 2008


Other than fine conversation, the most fun thing to do at the venerable Scottish Malt Whisky Society club in Edinburgh is not to imbibe what I regard as a toxic noxious liquid, but to take their smell test. It's like a quiz that comes in a wooden box with about a dozen small jars containing well-known essence combinations that are used - it'll drive you absolutely crazy not to be able to name some of the oh-so-familiar constituents of the combinations.

Speaking of which, this exhibition of scents might well be worth finding time to risk life and limb on the perilous A1 road south for (thanks to Melissa for the tip) - I mean, as someone who's both sceptical and suggestible in equal part, who doesn't want to smell the sun or some extinct flowers?

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Miss Kerry said...

I used to have a large collection of oils, which to me was heaven.
Now allergic to much chemical essences, I understand why my father was complaining of the scents.
There was a 80s scent collection ( aligned with that first cutting edge nail polish collection which was called Urban Decay) - in which you could experience-
bandaids( plasters)
grass clippings
and other weird scents.

Now there has been a jellybean collection, with such vaunted flavours as-
cat food
missed in with things as butter popcorn, etc.

Now with the first glimmerings of scents being some sort of new thing to come about on the internet, albeit one guesses with some sort of attachment to rival Husynem's Des Montaigns( I think thats spelling, but Im sure Im way off!)