Monday, August 06, 2007

++++ 2

Yes, and as I look at you now I can see why people might love you.

I can see exactly what they might want from you. And what they desire you to do for them. In a way, it seems to make sense in them wanting that, from you; in willing you to do it, for them. So fucking desperately. Because in their minds you've got what they want. And sooner or later they'll also find out that they can't get it because you simply won't give it to them, will you?

One day we finally learn the lesson which is that to give people what they want from you is not to give them what they want from you. Life's pretty fucking easy from then on.

And now that I've already been given what I want, the way I can now really touch you deeply is to give up that desire to want it.

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