Saturday, February 24, 2007


Here is the next segment of the interview, there are two more chunks to follow in the coming days.

Judith Howard: Would another example of this be the Dogme films by Lars Von Trier and others?

WB: Yes, an excellent example. In fact, although it isn't considered a Dogme film as such, Trier's masterpiece The Five Obstructions is almost a moral tale on how well this - what I refer to as 'asceticist' - principle has the potential to work. And it's only when you first get it that you realise how much you can really transform.

JH: Moving on to this new album, can you tell us a bit about the title 'Racket'?

WB: Well, I think there is the obvious reference to the music itself - a couple of years ago I heard some old-school noisers using the word to refer to music they didn't like and found it deliciously ironic, and perhaps a measure of how utterly staid 'noise' has become over the last decade or so - a genre so bound by convention at times it beggars belief. Getting back to the album title, it also has a second and third, more personal and psychological meaning that will become apparent after hearing the music.

JH: OK, I won't press you on that - some of these song titles are intriguing, can you say anything about the songs themselves?

WB: Yes, there are seven songs altogether of which four feature vocals. Of these I sing on Dyad, Philip on Bahnhof and Mouthy Battery Beast; and Dumping More Fucking Rubbish is a new much-expanded version of the song from A2006; that is, much longer, completely re-recorded, and with some other lyrics that didn't make it onto the original. The remaining three are instrumentals.

JH: What about this much talked-about third part to Cut Hands Has The Solution and Killing Hurts Give You The Secrets?

WB: That would be Pains Part Of The Dilemma which for various reasons is not going to be included on this particular album, I hope there'll be a chance to release it soon however.

(to be continued)

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SYpHA_69 said...

Wow, three instrumentals, I think that's the most that has ever been on one Whitehouse album... should be cool.